Computer Systems
Unlimited, Inc

Serving North Iowa Since 1986
Forest City, IA

"Computer Systems Unlimted (CSU) is Customer Service Unlimited"

"Phill Siefert is: Dependable - Courteous - Knowledgeable - Friendly - Reliable - Thorough.
He gets our computer service needs done when we need it. He is willing to adhere to our work schedules and not what is necessarily convenient for his personal schedule. We have been associated with Phill for fifteen plus years and have been very satisfied!"

Chuck B. - Controller
Mason City, IA

"We not only see Computer Systems Unlimited as our IT support provider, but we also view them as a strategic partner in our ongoing success. based on their professionalism, commitment to customer service, responsiveness and knowledge, we would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone."

Amy P.
DRAS Cases, Inc.
Lake Mills, IA